Lauren Conrad’s creation of Halloween Candy Sushi



A Nice Little Final Touch

What felt like a mountain climb time and time again is finally here, today is Halloween my friends, that day where as said in Daniel plus Lauren’s days as Lauren Conrad Examiner in 2013, a day where you can be anything you want to be, other than you, now that Halloween is here, Lauren Conrad adds in a new edible obsession of Halloween Candy Sushi.

Come to think about it, if you don’t have any Halloween candy nearby to give out, but you have other foods that can create this Halloween Sushi Candy, then your trick-or-treating time to give out candy can be saved with this recipe.

Now with any sushi dish, it comes in 3 parts, sashimi which is the fish itself, the sushi roll that typically roles sashimi in tiny packs of rice, and a little seaweed salad for that extra garnishment which Lauren and Daniel plus Lauren loves.

The easiest trick to get a kid to eat sushi is sushi once removed, the Halloween Candy Sushi involves Rice Krispie Treats, colored Swedish Fish, colorful Gummy Strips, Toothpicks, and Scissors so each the sashimi, sushi roll, and seaweed salad are done to make this yummy sushi.

Easy thing to remember for Halloween Candy Sushi are sashimi is swedish fish, sushi roll are rice krispie treats, and seaweed salad are green gummy strip candy, and viola, you have the most creative and unique Halloween candy one could ever make, and one’s Halloween today and tonight will be a mightily festive one.

Daniel Quintanilla

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