Lauren Conrad rallies Amber Fillerup Clark’s effortless hair knot


Courtesy: Barefoot Blonde

Pony Up On The Hair

Lauren Conrad, as well as Lauren’s Team LC gang hand over their blog space today to the Barefoot Blonde, who is Amber Fillerup Clark, who will demonstrate the best way to make an effortless top knot, in the way of a tutorial.

Amber sees everybody’s in a time crunch lately, because the days have gotten shorter, the temperatures colder, and we all react by hitting the snooze bar on the alarm clock in the morning, so we are rushing out the door more than ever after we realize that we have overslept.

The Barefoot Blonde helps a lady’s day go smoother with her effortless top knot which start out as making your part line right at the top of the back of your head, taking your updo upside down so hair’s toward the face, make the hair high pony, but keep elevated.

Next, make two sections in the pony and twist them together, then secure your twist with a clear elastic but leave it in a loop so it’s easier to pin and hide at end, then pull the twist apart section by section to give it a little much more volume.

This is where the effortless knot comes in, finally wrap the twist around to make a hair bun, and then you bobby pin the bun into place, so it’s easier to get ready in the morning when rushing out the door, since it’s just too comfortable in the dark to get out of bed.

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