Lauren Conrad’s holiday party with pastel tablescape



Let The Xmas Parties Begin

Ah yes, it certainly feels wonderful that along with the holiday shopping season in full swing, holiday parties have a season of their own within the gifting season starting tomorrow up till exactly the week before Christmas, so it’s no better time today for Lauren Conrad to party plan with pastel tablescape.

Lauren recruits resources within her own aegis’s to put what will be a wonderful holiday party gathering, simply relying on her LC Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohl’s, seeking out a unique range of bowls, napkins, wine glasses, and tassel table runners matching up with pastel dishes and neutral linens.

Lauren also sets her sights on prop stylist, Kate Martindale, who helped take all these glorious items, and make them into a beautiful soiree to create the perfect pastel holiday tablescape, starting out with Kate choosing her favorite items from Lauren’s collection.

Kate also made a big trip to the L.A. Flower Market on the morning Kate was planning this to pick up the freshest flowers, picking up red and yellow flowers which include roses of course, and placing them in eclectic and vintage brass ranges to set the tone of the tablescape.

And to top the party off wonderfully, Lauren and Kate not only added ice cream to make the celebration as sweet as can be, but made the ice cream a little more boozier simply by adding a wonderful splash of champagne, which brings out the good time in all of us.

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