Kristin Cavallari has her own bank account

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Pass The Loot…. My Loot Though

Kristin Cavallari is definitely not a shy girl at heart, or at head, enabling Kristin to be the most independent woman out there in Hollywood, that doesn’t stop when it comes to finances, Kristin established to Us Weekly Thursday she has a separate bank account from husband, Jay Cutler.

Having your own money to play with without going to your husband to ask for a few bucks is the greatest feeling in the world as Kristin sees it, you don’t have to explain what you’re buying, and you avoid an argument.

If Kristin wants to buy a pair of shoes at a moment’s notice, then it’s an important aspect for Kristin to have, because it establishes true independence not only for the individual, but for a woman especially, empowerment is truly an important thing for a woman to have in this world.

Kristin also emphasizes that it’s important for a girlfriend, a wife, or any woman in general to have their own bank account to keep their money stashed away, or a place to deposit their earnings that are separate from the man in their life who’s earnings are his own too.

Kristin Cavallari loves her husband, Jay Cutler, not because Jay can support Kristin, but because of the man that Jay is, a man that Kristin loves from head to toe, which all women should follow with their companion, love their plus and minuses, not be stuck for his money.

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