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The Pine Needles Are Fresh

Uh oh, there’s just 18 days left till Christmas, so now is the time to get our festive spirit in order, as well as our Christmas shopping, Lauren Conrad and The Edit today put together a few ideas of inspiration, and gifts to get you on the right track.

Lauren gets the holiday mood going with a cozy and inviting holiday party filled with copper dishes, candles, cute napkins, drink carts, and a galore of frosted mini-Christmas trees to keep in the moment, thanks to Winter Lodge Inspired Holiday Dinner via The Revelry Co.

Going around, there’s something funny a lit your phone lately, it has a holder sealed onto the back of it to hold it better, Lauren gets creative with it with the LC Lauren Conrad Phone Ring with the heart acting as the holder, and the ring enabling you to hook up so much more to the phone.

Sometimes, the best gifts don’t come in the physical sense, but instead come in people or places, which is why Lauren stumbled upon Amsterdam Canals via Find Us Lost for its peachy skies and icy waters making for an incredible snapshot in a cold place.

More finds this week include the Lulu & Georgia Maya Rug, The Little Market Purposeful Tote, The January Rose Dog ID Tag, Hello Lovely Postage Set from Luck Kisses & Cake, “Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King” on Netflix, the LC Lauren Conrad Llama Kitchen Towel, and the delicious Rachael’s Good Eats Shredded Chicken Verde Soup.

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