Lauren Conrad’s sweater style times 3

A Trifecta Of Chic

A sweater can be just a sweater if it has no depth to it, but it can be many things if the sweater is especially chic, Lauren Conrad goes out of her way today to style a soft and versatile sweater in varying looks.

Lauren lays the first stone with her very own LC Lauren Conrad Soft Reglan Sweater going for the cute and casual, coming in the college colors of Varsity Maroon, pairing it with a relaxed pair of jeans and brown booties while adding a touch of flair with a printed handbag.

Now many times, we’ve seen button-down blouses with skirts, tank-top blouses with skirts, and short-sleeve tops with skirts or even dresses, now Lauren goes all out to style the chic sweater that’s of a very rich jewel tone with a metallic mini skirt and classic heels, classic high heels modernized being a sandal open foot high heel, and don’t forget a semi-round black handbag to go for the festive occasions that are the holiday parties going on now.

Jeans and metallic skirts are not just moments where you can wear this glorious sweater that Lauren has here today, you can also wear the LC Lauren Conrad Soft Reglan Sweater when you go out and about on errands with a simple pair of blue skinny jeans with simple midnight blue sneakers, and the out and about excursion gets even better once you add a small chic backpack to the equation which turns a rough idea of backpacking throughout Europe into an everyday trip throughout the five buroughs of New York City, especially Manhattan.

Daniel Quintanilla

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