Lauren Conrad’s pomegranate and apple pear desserts


Baby, But Potent

It definitely is the season to do not only lots of drinking and eating, but we’re also making all that good food too, especially desserts for the holiday season, Lauren Conrad and her gang today open up the recipe box once again to prepare pomegranate tarts and muffin tin apple pear pies.

Lauren recruits help from resident baker, Lauren Lowstan, over at A Sweet Savory who created these 2 wonderful desserts, which begins with the pomegranate tarts, pomegrantes with its incredible health benefits has been using its brain power on itself, and on people’s minds to move itself onto the dessert scene, making serious gains in kitchens everywhere.

Buying the pomegranate tart as a whole pie would be satisfying enough, but that miniature size just makes the dessert itself even more powerful because it’s like you’ve got the whole pie in the palm of your hands, now this pomegranate tart is no small feat, it’s made in small parts starting with the crust, followed by the chocolate ganache with chocolate, cream, and butter alone, then it’s the delicous filling of mascarpone cheese, sour cream, honey, and vanilla.

Now the crown for a whole pie that’s shrunken to be just a baby goes rightfully hands down to the muffin tin apple pear pies, filled with the best Granny Smith Apples, all kinds of pears, brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, pie dough, and a muffin tin pan to make the magic happen, and the juiciness come alive for the holidays.

Daniel Quintanilla

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