Lauren Conrad elevates gifts brought to a hostess


A Balance Of Poisons

As one would rightfully count the days until New Year’s Eve (Not New Year’s Day) which is 14 days from now, it’s hard to accept the fact that Christmas Eve is not only 7 days from now, but that it’s now marked the start of gift giving where it’s no longer waiting until Christmas morning, but at any rate, Lauren Conrad today brings a level playing field as you express graditude to hostess who throw holiday parties.

Lauren looks at 2 common gifts one may bring to a holiday party if there’s no time to put thought into it, the first grab and save Lauren examines is a bottle of booze one either may re-gift, or pick up at the liquor store on their way to the party, you can take that bottle of booze where it’s hopefully not telling your host that they’re a lush, and personalize it with nice cheerfully thoughtful wine labels writing your name on it, you can also buy into wine covers from Lauren’s LC Lauren Conrad Collection where the simple lush gesture turns into the best gift in the world you give your hostess.

Hopefully, the next gift Lauren says being a tray of cookies from fancy bakery or homemade won’t insult your hostess saying that she’s fat or other things, but the surest way to make that tray of cookies a nice gesture to the hostess is to place those cookies onto a scalloped tiered server that once again comes from the LC Lauren Conrad Collection, turning the server where those cookies lie that go faster than the food or even booze itself into a permanent and memorable fixture in the hostess’s household.

Daniel Quintanilla

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