New Year’s Eve party offers direct view of Times Square ball drop

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The Closest You Wanna Be

In just 14 days, we say goodbye to 2018, a year that the media says was just as unforgettable, and just as bad as 2017, and we make room for 2019, however one celebrates 2019’s arrival is near and dear to their hearts, but if you want to go all out, and do it the best way possible, in the crossroads of the world that is Times Square without all the 16 hours of standing on your feet and in the cold waiting for that ball to drop, then the Marriott Marquis New Year’s Eve VIP Party presented by Joonbug is the party…. for you.

Though, the limited view of Times Square at this party running at $2,500 is completely sold out, you can still buy access to a direct view of the ball dropping in Times Sauare at the Marriott Marquis Hotel for twice the price, a very cool $5,000 will get you an extremely, full-frontal, full throttle view of the humongous Waterford Crystal coming down second-by-second until it touches the very lights and numbers signifying that it is now 2019.

It’s not just a direct view of the ball drop in Times Square you have at your fingertips, you’ve got your own table with any guests you wanna bring along with expedited entry and a VIP host escort to your table, premium reserved seating within the party’s window wall VIP area that are the best seats in the house, access to the Exclusive VIP Patio to see the ball drop at midnight, decidated cocktail servers throughout the evening, luxury dinner buffet from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. with luxury dessert bar from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m., appetizers passed around, premium open bar throughout the party, and admission to sponsor activiations and giveaways.

There’s definitely a lot more to this VIP Times Square party that are access to all talent and live performances during the event, access to 2 outdoor patios overlooking Times Square, and a commerative photo with the New Year’s Eve ball as the backdrop from the VIP patio.

Now even with the official VIP photo from the party, this is definitely a party you want to make sure you’ve upgraded you iPhone to an iPhone XS or XS Max, and/ or bring a stand alone camera that is a Nikon or Canon to get your very own million dollar shots of Times Square as the ball drops.

If there’s not anything else you’re doing on New Year’s Eve up in New York City, and you wanna go big on it, then book this party now before it’s sold out.

Daniel Quintanilla

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