Lauren Conrad’s last minute arts and crafts kit gifts


Needle & Thread To The Finish Line

Well, there’s exactly 6 shopping days left till Christmas, and many of you by now are in a frenzy to buy those one or two gifts you may have forgotten about along the way, or probably just getting started, but don’t worry, Lauren Conrad had you covered Tuesday where you can make homemade gifts of paint, knits, and stitches.

Lauren personally starts out with the do-it-yourself painting kit that includes a set of small watercolors or acrylic paints, the ever-changing color wheel, a small paint palette, tiny paint brushes, and a mini canvases that’s all perfectly aligned on shred in a beautiful wooden gift box.

Next on that gift box and shred are a do-it-yourself knitting kit, one that includes two stacks of multi-colored yarn with one starting in sky blue working its way up to white, and the next beginning in a blue close to turquoise, moving onto another shade of dark blue before going baby blue up to an off-white, and you get knitting needles with the yarn.

The gift box and shred got a third chance to shine on with Lauren’s do-it-yourself cross stitch kit, it gives you the embroidery thread, the embroidery hoop, cross stitch fabric in bright winter colors, and a needle that’s placed in a trinket dish or pin cushion, all these three knits are made possible by the one and only Lauren Conrad.

Daniel Quintanilla

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