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TSA Chic

Though, Christmas is in just 6 days, you only got 2 days till you pull up your boot straps, as well as your suitcases to go take the long journey home to spend time with your folks, but it doesn’t mean you have to look anything less than perfect before you board the plane, so Lauren Conrad today boasts hacks to be chic at the airport.

Even if it’s not on an airplane, you may find yourself spending time traveling on a train, on a bus, or in the car, but Lauren says you have to be one thing and one thing only, you have to be comfortable, so it’s best to wear a cozy sweater with a pair of leggings, Lauren recommends going with her sweater idea along with the LC Lauren Conrad jeggings.

As Lauren travels, Lauren discovers when being at the airport, and on an airplane, the temperature can go down, and it can suddenly get cold, so it’s wise to pack yourself an extra scarf that you can wrap around your waist, and/ or around your neck of course, you can also pack up a thin blanket with a neck pillow, and even a layered coat if need be, but hopefully you won’t need to get warmed up while traveling.

No matter what means of transportation you’re utilizing in a couple days or so, the new number one rule for Lauren, or anybody nowadays is to always have a carry-on bag, totes are the perfect way to go, like with the LC Lauren Conrad tote that’s big enough to fit all your necessities such as headphones, laptop, wallet, or any other personal items you need in an instant, and still small enough to fit under your seat.

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