Lauren Conrad packed up for holiday traveling


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Lauren Conrad and her army of ladies are just about ready for Christmas today as they finalize the essentials of holiday travel, they now turn their attention for you to focus on the best way to pack your items, instead of just throwing them in any ole bag, and then you’re off.

The most important thing you need to pack next to your clothes is your toiletries, and it’s important to keep them all together but in it’s own bag, so Lauren recommends toiletries go in a pouch of any kind, LC Lauren Conrad and its collection offer up an array of cute and beautiful pouches so those toiletries are remembered in your molehill of clothing.

Yours truly who is Daniel plus Lauren always keeps toiletries in a separate bag, but it’s a different story with chargers which get lost in the backpack, so Lauren suggests placing your imparative cell phone charger in believe it or not, a jewelry case, that is the LC Lauren Conrad Heart Travel Jewelry Pouch to be exact, it’s definitely a diamond in the rough of your luggage, carry-on, or backpack.

Now it’s not like your earrings, necklaces, and rings suddenly became chopped liver in favor of your iPhone charger, they too can be placed in a special packaging, it’s called an LC Lauren Conrad Scallop Travel Jewelry Roll which places those delicate necklaces and such in separate compartments where they’re protected not only from life, but from being bunched and tangled together to the point of damage.

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