Lauren Conrad counts down to Christmas with The Edit


We’re Almost There….

My, my, my, it’s incredible how far we’ve come along in this holiday season, and how quick it came, there’s now only 3 and a half to 4 days left until Christmas Eve and Christmas Day arrives, so today, Lauren Conrad and her crew made The Edit about must haves under the tree.

Lauren lays down her 3 most important finds this week as always starting with a Do-It-Yourself Tulle Wall Hanging via Ruffled Blog as it doubles up as a wall hanging drapery for the nursery, as well as a girly wall hanging in your own bedroom.

Lauren also loves to get a pair of Zara Kids Basic Regular-Fit Jeans that is nothing but cute, Lauren recently purchased them for her little Liam who’s growing up real fast before our eyes, and Lauren told HelloGiggles on Wednesday that though last year was Liam’s first Christmas, this year’s Christmas for Liam is more real because Liam is more aware of it.

Now we have The Birth Of Christ, leading to Christmas in the first place, and the Christmas tree means so much more than fancy and trendy garland and ornaments, and Christmas too just is not Christmas without having a fine pastry, which is a Christmas Cake Made by Lauren Lowstan having trees, snow, and delightful frosting topping it.

Also running in The Edit prior to Christmas are the Conan O’ Brien Needs A Friend Podcast, LC Kohl’s Eyelash Hooded Sweater, Lauren’s Tips On Gift Giving, Plain Jane Kid’s Pajamas, Quay Australia Jezabell 57mm Round Sunglasses, The Little Market Ximena Woven Pillow, and “Dirty John” On Bravo.

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