Audrina Patridge & Corey Bohan are officially split

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Moving Ahead

There are times where not only this time of year means the holidays of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but it means things in our lives are ending like marriages, relationships, contracts, jobs, and so forth, Audrina Patridge was in that category as E! News reported Thursday that Audrina finally signed the ink on her divorce Wednesday from Corey Bohan.

Though, the terms of the final agreement remain unknown, and the marriage status along with property issues have been resolved, the drama is not over just yet as terms of child custody and Corey’s request for attorney fees need to be mediated early next year.

Only after 10 months of marriage, Audrina filed for divorce over a year ago due to irreconcilable differences, as well as reports of domestic violence, and concerns about the mental state of Corey as he’s said that he would kill himself if Audrina left him.

Both Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan gave birth to their daughter, who is Kirra Max, where the most important thing for Audrina is making Kirra her number one priority, and asked the media to respect Audrina and Kirra’s privacy.

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