Lauren Conrad’s Christmas Wreath Macaroons


Saint Nick Delivers

Though, it’s only hours before good ole Saint Nick (a.k.a. Santa Claus) arrives with lots of gifts, but Saint Nick has delivered in many ways so far in a short time, like when Nick Foles, Jake Elliott, and team kept the Philadelphia Eagles playoff hopes alive on Sunday, and today as Lauren Conrad and company show their appreciation for Saint Nick tonight as they whip up Christmas Wreath Macaroons.

Relying on resident baker, Lauren Lowstan, of A Sweet Savory who always brings over delicious desserts all-year-long, LC and crew roll their sleeves up making these Christmas Wreath Macarons by starting with the macaroon of course by making it in the most healthest way possible, that is with almond flour, egg whites, powdered sugar, granulated sugar, pink gel food coloring, and buttercream frosting as now we’ve come to realize that these Christmas Wreath Macaroons are a sandwich cookie dessert.

Now onto the royal icing for your topping, this delightful green wreath frosting is conceived by using one and a half teaspoons of meringue powder, two tablespoons of water, one cup of powdered sugar, mint gel food coloring so your wreaths look like actual wreaths, candy sprinkles, and pastel colored sprinkles.

Two things to notes, if you’re making the Christmas Wreath Macaroons tonight or Christmas morning tomorrow, measure out your egg whites and leave them in a sealed container all day today, and whisk your green royal icing topping until the desired thickness you want it at.

Daniel Quintanilla

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