Kristin Cavallari’s sneek peak at ‘Very Cavallari’ season 2

Courtesy: E! Entertainment YouTube Channel

More Fun To Come……

While everybody across the country and other parts of the world are getting ready for Christmas and New Year’s, Kristin Cavallari’s already got herself planted in 2019 as Kristin on Friday unveiled a first look at season two of “Very Cavallari”, which is due to premiere in March 2019 on E!.

In this little clip, Kristin brings home a surprise for husband, Jay Cutler, it’s a big and beautiful llama, Jay is taken aback to say the least by Kristin’s unusual purchase, Kristin says she thought it was what Jay wanted at some point, Jay inquires how Kristin is going to take care of it, Kristin answers says that it’s already got food and water, so it’s good to go.

Kristin continued to go all out with her “Very Cavallari” season 2 sneak peek Friday on Instagram which again is with Jay and herself, it’s Jay asking Kristin to be paid for being involved with Uncommon James, Kristin says she didn’t get paid being involved with the Chicago Bears, Jay responds that Kristin got access to everything imaginable, touchĂ© Kristin says.

All these clips have one thing in common, Kristin Cavallari raises a glass of champagne cheering on “Very Cavallari’s” season 2 arrival, which right before the end of season 1, “Very Cavallari” got renewed for a second season, which gives plenty of reason why Kristin is excited about the new season, and it looks like Jay Cutler’s into the filming a lot more than at the beginning.

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