Lauren Conrad reveals style trends for 2019


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Even though today is January 2 and not the first day of 2019 like yesterday was, this is truly the first business day of the year, and the day we get back to business with our lives now that the holidays are over such as school, work, and nailing our New Year’s resolutions, so it’s fitting that Lauren Conrad releases a style guide of trends one must try in this new year.

Belting a dress or even an outfit is a style that Daniel plus Lauren hasn’t seen for quite awhile, Lauren confesses that she use to belt every one of her looks under the sun, but now Lauren just belts on special occasion, or when her simple outfit needs a boost.

Blazers are everywhere now that winter is here to stay, but Lauren is determine to make it an added dimension to LC Lauren Conrad in 2019, neutrals are a staple one must keep on call if it’s needed to go with any style, and animal prints are that perfect added touch to make a style complete.

Believe it or not, big handbags are not a go-to for 2019, it’s the little things like phone crossbodies that hold only the items you need throughout 2019, dalmation dots are the new and next best thing right up there with polka dots, and bandana scarves are 2019’s best accessory worn anyway.

You can never go wrong with a jumpsuit, it’s an effortless piece that’s good on occasion and on the weekend, yellow has been chosen as the color of choice for 2019, and the wrap dress will play a bigger role this year as this dress silhouette flatters any body type.

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