Lauren Conrad’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2019


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Yes 2019 is here, and is here to stay (at least for the next 364 days to come), we are sort of out of the holiday mode but that is not officially until tomorrow, but Lauren Conrad regardless has her New Year’s Resolutions today to kick off 2019 right.

Lauren officially starts off the new year with one simple new year’s resolution, that is to have more date nights with her husband, William Tell, but that’s easier said than done because the hustle and bustle of everyday life gets in the way, and that overshadows and personal time that Lauren and William have together.

The goal for Lauren with her New Year’s resolutions in 2019 or any year for that matter is not setting unrealistic goals, make a goal you know you can stick to, like drinking more water and taking more time for yourself which Lauren’s Jessi Burrone promises to do, setting her resolutions along the same mindset as Lauren.

Managing Editor, Ilana Saul, promises that her New Year’s resolution for 2019 are focusing on her own self care, all by design because Ilana’s life has been pretty hectic lately to the point of not even getting out of the house just to get a simple manicure, Managing Editor, Rachel Rosenbloom, had a hectic 2018 also, so 2019 for Rachel is all about reading more books than in the year that just passed.

It’s all the little things in life that make a difference in one’s life everyday, remembering those finer moments during those not so fine moments can help, Tessa Scott’s resolution is to keep a gratitude journal of those fine moments throughout the year when the bad just seems to creep up, and Editorial Assistant, Kiera, wants to breakaway from shyness by telling herself she’s more valuable than that until she becomes that person Kiera wants to be.

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