Lauren Conrad’s learning to wear a dress in the cold


Just Think Summer

No matter how you see it, whether it’s pouring rain in Times Square like on New Year’s Eve, or that you woke up this morning realizing you needed gloves, we’re in the dead of winter, so Lauren Conrad and team today buckled down and learn to wear a dress when it’s cold outside.

In an effort to step up one’s style game here in 2019, team LC is on a mission to think ahead by pulling out their favorite sundress of the summer, and began by adding a favorite of Lauren’s no matter what time of year it is which happens to be denim, giving off a heavy dose of definition to one’s sundress under subzero temperatures, with neutrual colored booties totes to match the winter.

The biggest enemy so to speak that any type of dress can meet in its time to shine is the Debbie Downer of them all, it is layers, but love can be learned with layers as long as the dress and the layer itself meet at an equilibrium, and adding some black tights with duster leather cardigans won’t hurt the dresses attention either, it’ll just add to the dresses sexy appeal.

Even if you decide not to wear a dress this winter for the most part, style can also be found outside the dress with the LC Lauren Conrad Weekend Jumpsuit, the jumpsuit pairs great with a basic and beautiful black turtleneck, capping off the look with a black handbag, studded booties, and statement jewelry.

Daniel Quintanilla

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