Polagram/ BaeVely reveals conservative & free-flowing side at UBM ‘Fame’

Which Side Wears On You?

Thankfully, UBM’s “Fame” trade show today here at the Javits Center in Manhattan doesn’t take any political stand whatsoever, it’s focus is fashion straight up, and it continues to be so at this very moment when Daniel plus Lauren met up with Polagram and BaeVely, where these 2 separate lines under one roof do justice for their style philosophies.

Let’s start with the origins of this collection being Polagram, where it carries its style mission with a conservative approach, not all women want to reveal too much about themselves, yet those women want to wear cute and stylish clothes also, so Polagram styles their conservative collection with not only cute detailing, but giving the all conscious woman incredible hipness and in-crowd assurance while conservatively carrying themselves.

Two things to note about the Polagram clientele, one is that a good deal of Polagram’s buyers come from Utah, second is that Polagram comes to the rescue for the less conservative woman who has to dress more conservatively because they may be attending a friend’s wedding where the friend’s family dresses conservatively on a regular basis.

Now for that friend, or even that family member who doesn’t see the conservative life of fashion being right for them, Polagram speaks to those women with their free-flowing counterpart called BaeVely, the opposite of Polagram offering up a collection which prides itself in letting the woman’s assets do all the talking, cutely designing dresses in v-necks, dresses, bodysuits, and crop tops not only in tanks and spaghetti straps, but accomplish the ultimate goal of gifting bustier women a chance to flatter their cleavage in the freest, and utmost tasteful way that only each and every woman in that free-flowing class can.

Women have individual styles that define them whether they’re conservative or free-flowing, it can be found in a dress that’s head-to-toe or a dress that reveals a woman’s best features, Polagram and BaeVely serves these two sides of fashion with excellence and grace.

Daniel Quintanilla


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