Nicky Hilton X Tolani clears the way at UBM ‘Accessories The Show’

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Passport To Adventure

Nicky Hilton, who’s more than just an elite and socialite in Hollywood, but a bonafied mover and shaker in Hollywood and with the namesake that Nicky carries, is fast becoming a great influence on the fashion scene as Nicky debuts Nicky Hilton X Tolani here in New York City today under the graces of UBM with “Accessories The Show”.

With the help of Alka Tolani from her Tolani collection, Nicky Hilton X Tolani is inspired by Nicky’s unforgettable summer destinations overseas to places like the South of France, Ibiza, and Greece where the motivation behind Nicky’s collection are the passport stamps themselves of these foreign destinations.

As the passport stamps are markers in their own right, the designs and artwork found on the pieces of Nicky Hilton X Tolani are embodiments, if not ambassadors of the places Nicky has visited, pieces standing out in Nicky’s travels are moments in Montauk, New York with the short sleeve with mock bikini top with an open leg long dress with ship anchor print, Mykonos, Greece with the v-neck and bell sleeves mainly dominated by music records prints, Amalfi, Italy and its little multi-colored dress with classical cathedral prints, and Ibiza, Spain where this absolute short sleeve semi-long dress ignites hot pink into orange-red before it suddenly goes indigo then relaxing into blue and lighter where the end of the dress gets thrown in with the fishes.

With all the passion that Nicky Hilton puts into fashion with Nicky Hilton X Tolani, Nicky Hilton in turn says the response from her new collection has been great where the collection is selling a ton, Nicky also loves coming to the trade shows meeting with the buyers and hearing about what the buyers are selling, as well as what the buyers are looking for.

As a designer, Nicky says it is vital to have that interaction with the retailers, because buyers are the ones that need to find out what’s popular in order to stay in business, and Nicky Hilton meets that demand.

Daniel Quintanilla

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