Jofit exercises fit wear beyond the gym at UBM ‘PROJECT: Women’

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla
Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla
Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Gym Ready Anytime

Walking around the perimeters and aisles of the Javits Center here in New York City all day for UBM’s trade shows is a workout in itself, especially if you went to the gym early today before attending the 3rd and final day of this fashion event, that’s why there’s Jofit under the aegis of “PROJECT: Women” who shows off their athleisure apparel for those gym to life days right off the bat.

Technically speaking, Jofit is a woman’s golf, tennis, and athleisure apparel line that’s been around for 12 years, the guiding star that sets Jofit apart is that the fit is tailor-made to fit a female’s body, enabling a woman to feel more confident, comfortable, and sexy so one is able to perform better throughout their day whether she’s at the gym, playing golf or tennis, doing yoga, and afterward doing lots of errands followed by hanging out with their girlfriends for dinner and drinks.

Since athleisure has become a growing part of women’s fashion attire, Jofit came up with a one of a kind concept where Jofit places their very own kiosks in the 3,000 stores that carry Jofit across the country, without stores needing to put Jofit inventory in their space, Jofit’s consumers simply go to their favorite retailer where Jofit kiosks are available, place their orders online via Jofit’s kiosk, and retailers make money off of Jofit’s sales in their stores through commission.

In all of Jofit’s innovation of athleisure apparel and kiosks in stores, Jofit’s customers are so in love with their panchos, printed trouser tights that have front and back pockets with compression waistband, and Jofit’s golf wear has people running for printed jackets and polos.

Since most collections here at the UBM trade shows right now feature spring/ summer 2019 and some fall 2019 even, Jofit supplies a new golf collection all-year-round every 60 days having transitional pieces for each new season depending on the time of year it is.

Jofit also expands its reach outside the United States in Australia and Canada, motivating Jofit’s current and future consumer base to not only make Jofit apart of their life morning, noon, and night, but keep people off the couch by shopping at their local retailer to buy the newest pieces Jofit has in their collection, all while wearing Jofit apparel.

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