Lauren Conrad reveals first LC Lauren Conrad collection for 2019

We’re Out To Start Fresh

Nine days into the new year, and it’s still a perfect time to make a new start for yourself, whether it’s a new job, a new home, a new relationship, new friends, and so forth, but you can’t go without making a fresh start with your wardrobe, that’s why today counts as Lauren Conrad unveils the newest from LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s, and the first for 2019.

A first for Lauren out of the LC Lauren Conrad reveals she’s done with her social media space is start off her reveal with touting one particular piece that Lauren’s been going to, as well as encouraging her readers to make a staple in their closets as soon as possible, it’s the LC Lauren Conrad Lounge Ruffle-Trim Hood Sweater found in silver gray which Lauren wears, as well as whisked peach.

You definitely know for sure that Lauren wants to push her new LC Lauren Conrad Lounge Ruffle-Trim Hood Sweater by modelling it herself in this new January collection, so Lauren does that by wearing her silver gray sweater with the Weekend Pull-On Extra Soft Leggings of the very same color direct from the LC Lauren Conrad Weekend Collection.

Also on tap today with the LC Kohl’s January reveal are an Oversized Striped Sweater in blue white stripe where it’s also available in pink white stripe, then there’s some Feel Good Midrise Skinny Jeans that’s in a Medium Released Hem, and also colored in destructed raw hem, a version of blue that only jeans can utilize.

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