Lauren Conrad and the great post-holiday hair detox

Courtesy: Barefoot Blonde

Lingering Confetti

From what we’ve gathered so far, and what we’ve encountered recently and not recently, 2019 is being touted as the one year out of any year in the past, or even the future to make a fresh start on things, so Lauren Conrad puts her faith on Amber Fillerup Clark to help anyone’s hair break free from holiday toxins.

After all the holiday dressing, eating, and drinking that our body and hair has encountered, Amber, who’s proudly the Barefoot Blonde and Barefoot Blonde Hair lady says it’s time for a hair reboot, it starts with deep conditioning as one’s hair suffers post-holiday dryness, it’s a guaranteed safe bet that a deep conditioning needs to last for 10 to 20 minutes.

Hair restoration not only happens on the hair itself, but hair happiness is an inside job for the most part as your body plays a big role in the way your hair looks, you have to take your vitamins like biotin Sweethearts from BFB Hair that make your hair stronger and grow faster, hydration is also a big help on hair as drinking more water removes toxins to keep hair hydrated inside out, and eating foods filled with vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, protein, and Omega 3’s also help strengthen your hair.

The biggest breakaway your hair needs right now from holiday hootenannies are no heat treatment of any kind, no curling iron, no blow dryer, no straightening, etc.; what your hair needs is fresh hair, natural embracing, fun braids, and ponytail so hair is able to recover properly.

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