Lauren Conrad & gang still on holiday at The Edit


Is It Still New Year’s Eve????

There’s a little celebrating going on, it’s not for a new holiday or birthday, it’s for Christmas and New Year’s that just passed, at least for Lauren Conrad and her team today who after being a week and a half into 2019, they themselves are still on vacation, probably because the weekend’s here, and The Edit has a few things to make the weekend great.

Lauren starts out as always with a celestial hair trend making a comeback that involves crystal headbands, clips, and pins that don’t cost much to create yourself, it’s the DIY Celestial Stars & Moons Headband via …Love Maegan made of stars and moons in plated gold.

Learning to ride a bike, learning ballet, learning to drive, or even learning to fly a plane can come easy for one, but only if you start very young, that’s why Lauren got baby Liam his first bike without pedals by The Tot Banwood Bikes First Go! Balance Bike, where Liam can learn how to balance himself before advancing to a pedal bike.

Lauren’s also in love with some Interior Photography by Monica Wang, pretty interiors involving marbled wallpaper with a velvet chair combo, a velvet chair dipped in gold to start, and the gold stretching further on the lamp and on the cylinder table proudly holding a golden bowl.

Also on The Edit this week are the LC Lauren Conrad Weekend Drawstring Jogger Pants, The Little Market Ceramic Box, Pottery Barn Faux Potted Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, Wild One Walk Fit, Mauve Smokey Eyes via @ginashkeda, Goop 3-Bean Vegan Tortilla Soup, and Codenames.

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