Lauren Conrad organizes life with trinket trays


Trinket Of Circumstance

If you’ve been around people all your life, or even your own family who keeps items like jewelry or rings for a very long time, even things like paperclips here and there, you know they gotta go some place where they can be found, if not an ashtray, a container, or a jewelry box, then they can go in something like a trinket tray which Lauren Conrad adores, so today there’s 5 ways to use trinket trays.

First, let’s get to the most modern way to use a trinket tray, that’s in the office where an excess of paperclips, washi tape, thumbtacks, or anything else that can poke you and make you bleed if they’re not stored away properly, bringing in a trinket tray that’s made to look like a cat, lion, or so forth can help one’s desk at least look more cleaner and organized to be around, plus locate a thumbtack more visibly.

You can never have too many hairpins lying around, especially those moments where you need to straighten out your hair in a pinch, but they can easily scatter everywhere about the house, so keep as many as you can in a cute trinket, so you don’t lose your mind looking for one even in your kitchen drawer.

Trinket trays whether they’re open or closed up are perfect to keep hold of any household item that can be thought of like candles, money, matches, keys, and so forth, even any item no bigger than lipstick also have a home in a trinket, and the 3 kitchen S’s being salt, sugar, and spice pour themselves at home in a trinket tray with a lid.

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