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Sight is an important part of our lives, whether our vision is clear, or physically blind, those who’s vision is partially clear rely on glasses and contacts to help them see things more clearly, but there’s an opportunity to improve your vision 100 percent, it’s laser eye surgery, Lauren Conrad’s contributor, Tessa Scott, discusses today her own personal experience of going through a laser eye procedure.

Tessa, who’s dad is a laser eye surgeon, knows a thing or two about laser eye surgery, it comes in 2 types being LASIK and PRK, LASIK creates a flap on the cornea and the tissue underneath is reshaped, PRK involves the surgeon removing a thin layer of the cornea all together, reshaping the tissue and the surface layer grows back and smoothes out over time, Tessa opted for PRK because there’s no risk of the cornea flap becoming undone via accident or obstruction.

Tessa says she had to use special drops and not wear contacts for a week to prep for her 15 minute PRK surgery, the recover afterwards was an intensive within itself, constant drops hourly following the surgery, flucuating vision online with the drops, and cease of driving, working, or iPhone for 7 to 10 days to completely recover from laser eye PRK surgery.

But as 1 to 2 weeks went on, 6 to 7 weeks went on, and 6 months completely after the surgery, Tessa Scott’s vision is much cripser and clearer than it ever was before, and Tessa said good-bye to glasses and contacts for good.

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