Daines & Hathaway armors strong accessories at UBM ‘PROJECT’

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla
Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla
Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla
Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

It Can Take Anything

Even if there’s rain, sleet, snow, freezing rain, or bitter cold, that’s still not enough reason to keep the first day of UBM’s semi-annual men’s trade show from happening today here in New York City at the Javits Center, where PROJECT under The Foundry has Daines & Hathaway with the strongest accessories Daniel plus Lauren so far has seen.

Daines & Hathaway is an English brand that was established in 1922 that specializes in men’s leather accessories made exclusively by Daines & Hathaway’s parent company, Pittard’s World Class Leather, D&H is best known for large and small leather bag accessories, but their best known for their world-famous military wet packs, carrying toiletries like toothbrushes and razors by Taylor of Old Bond Street.

What makes Daines & Hathaway’s military wet packs truly famous are that they were supplied to the British Army during World War II, D&H continues to spread their 97-year-old legacy by using ventile canvas which is waterproof for all their accessories, as well as making real camo for 65 percent of the military around the world.

Daines and Hathaway’s leather is not only brage resistant and water resistant, but it is soft and beautiful for the most part, the hardware along with the leather are manufactured in England, allowing Daines and Hathaway to make beautiful leather concepts beyond the military wet pack, which are wallets, watch rolls, notebooks, laptop cases, flask, and gigantic handbags, but in a man’s case they’re light, strong, and beautiful carry bags that store any amount of clothing you’re willing to pack up for a trip.

What caught the eye of Daniel plus Lauren with Daines & Hathaway was the beautiful orange color on the military wet packs, watch rolls, flasks, and the carry bags that do the ventile canvas extremely well, one can also see how ventile canvas is so waterproof that you can see water bead off the bag, another bit of history with ventile canvas are the fighter pilots during World War II had their military attire made from waterproof ventile canvas, and the ventile canvas protected the fighter pilots extremely well in case they had to eject from their planes into sea.

With the ability to make their own leather, Daines and Hathaway creates all possibilities with their beautiful leather, keeping the legacy of their men’s accessories collection at high quality while creating new ways to market their leather in backpacks and laptop cases that suit the future well, but it’s the wet bags and wet packs that are always an accessory for the man on the go.

Daniel Quintanilla

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