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There are plenty of reasons not to get organized, either you’re too busy, always working, up in New York City like Daniel plus Lauren still is today for UBM Men’s Trade Show, or just too tired to even clear off the ottoman, but your home one day may seem unrecognizable where you’re forced clean it up all night long, but don’t let it get to that point, let Lauren Conrad help you today with next level organizing.

This first tip of disorganization from The Home Edit is very foreign to yours truly unless away from home, but it’s not so foreign when they see others do it daily, it’s not opening your mail or even getting your mail for days or even weeks at a time, it’s the first step not only to get rid of junk mail or know what’s going on, but clearing up space in your home.

Bits and babbles end up gathering around in places where more important things are stored, so get some trinkets to put those tiny little items in, store pantry staples in clear containers so no boxes or bags of food linger around and spoil your food staples sooner, and buy a uniform set of hangers so you’re able to move your clothes and coats in the closet a lot easier.

Food and medicine have a bad habit of staying around too long where we easily forget about them, so check all the expiration dates on those items to avoid food poisoning or medical complications if they’re expired, once they’ve expired, throw them out, handwoven baskets from The Little Market are perfect in your closet to store all kinds of things like toiletries, towels, supplies, toys, etc.; and labels are a powerful thing to have on all the items you store in every inch of the home.

Cabinets are a great place to store all kinds of things, cabinets go way deep into its engineering when you build a lazy susan into the model, lazy susans are a great way to keep things accessible when you got deep cabinets, color code your shelves with items of the like color so you know where they are when you need them, and considerable stackable storage boxes when you don’t have a built in closet in the house.

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