Lauren Conrad embraces a Galentine’s Day brunch

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Friendsgiving On Valentine’s Day

While the holidays are far from over apparently, it looks like Valentine’s Day is taking a page from Thanksgiving, spinning off the behemoth that is Valentine’s Day into an annex called Galentine’s Day, where a whole bunch of girlfriends gather to celebrate instead of trying to get guys, similar to Thanksgiving creating its spin-off, Friendsgiving, where friends gather to eat prior to Thanksgiving Day, Lauren Conrad thankfully today embraces Galentine’s Day with a brunch menu that gives plenty of indulgences with a touch of heart-healthiness.

Lauren relies on the food loving resources that come from Claire Thomas over at The Kitchy Kitchen to put this Galentine’s Day brunch menu together, starting out with the tablescape representing colors of Valentine’s Day/ Galentine’s Day of pink, red, and white, a color palatte found on ceramic dishes and glasses to go along with the sweets of halo and sin with the cocktails for even deeper fun.

Occupying the dishes and glasses made possible by The Little Market are Belgium waffles dipped at the tip with white chocolate that are made with wholesome ingredients, fruits, and sweet options that make this dish delicious, and Sweet Laurel grain-free granola filled with walnuts, pecans, almonds, sesame seeds, pistachio or almond flour, cinnamon, coconut oil, and maple syrup.

Also on this delightful Galentine’s Day brunch menu are a Coco Citrus Salad chopped full of coconut meat, peeled oranges, grapefruit, and lemon, fresh mint, and honey, vanilla honey almond butter with vanilla bean and honey, and smoothie bowls mixed up with pitaya, frozen mixed berries, one cup of coconut milk, and favorable add-ins of protein powder, flax seed, meca, etc.

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