Lauren Conrad’s favorite Valentine’s Day accessories

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Love On Your Side

It’s already 5 days into February, and Valentine’s Day is in just 9 days, it’s coming up fast, still gifts to be bought, and inspiration’s needed in this sudden crunch time were under, Lauren Conrad and her crew today are on the Tuesday Ten with inspiration thanks to the holiday of love with accessories that easily inspire Valentine’s Day, or love by itself.

It’s all too easy to find Lauren and gang’s first accessory inspired by Valentine’s Day, it’s found on the LC Lauren Conrad Heart Backpack which spells out love, hugs, and kisses in more ways that one.

Let’s go deeper with the Anthropologie Wool Beret that’s very chic and very pink, the marbling of pink and white can be found in The Little Market Ipad Case in Summer Sky, and a little tag of love can be found in I’m All Yours Luggage Tag.

Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without a pair of shade if the sun’s somehow to bright on a winter day, so there’s the LC Lauren Conrad 55mm Cat-Eye Sunglasses that keep the eyes stylish and protected, straight from the heart again with an LC Lauren Conrad Heart Pocket Crossbody Bag, and Tasha Pearl Cluster Headband.

The hands of love are normally found on one’s fingers, even if it’s not diamonds, love can be found on the feet to when you get Urban Outfitters Monofilament Crew Sock, and the tassels take a break from graduation, going to The Little Market for Layered Tassel Rings in Light Pink.

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