Lauren Conrad has Valentine’s Day ideas for kids


Love Can Be Fun & Red

Valentine’s Day is not just for grown man and woman, it has to begin somewhere, and that place is childhood, where the child is taught about not only what love is, but how to celebrate it each and everyday of the year, and Valentine’s Day of course being 3 days from now, Lauren Conrad relies on Royale Ziegler today to help the kiddies with do-it-yourself projects that will make their Valentine’s Day a lot more fun.

Royale, who’s known for her party expertise over at But First, Party, gets in the swing of things with the idea of a DIY heart balloon wand, the first thing one obviously needs are heart shaped balloons to make this project a reality, then you need a nice little light stick that morphs into a wand to include pink, red, and white ribbon, washi tape, white balloons straws with cups, and a handheld balloon pump so those balloons can come to life.

Valentine’s Day’s only key to survival as a holiday are one thing and one thing only, greeting cards, and it’s a big business when the holiday draws closer to arriving, but let’s make the chaos a lot easier by making Valentine’s Day cards of our own, which Royale does with Party-Themed Printable Valentines with its base being a free digital download from artist Alyx House that provide a base for one to decorate with matte white card stock, Valentine’s Day themed balloons, and confetti while one needs scissors, washi tape, and small plastic jewelry bags to help make these cards fun and exciting.

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