Zang Toi FW19 salutes America at New York Fashion Week

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The Greatest Soil One’s Ever Lived On

Last Wednesday on a cold evening before Valentine’s Day on February 13, up at Spring Studios in lower Manhattan for New York Fashion Week, Zang Toi revealed his newest, and most hottest fall/ winter 2019-20 collection ever to hit our shores, it’s Zang Toi’s America collection, paying homage to the very country that Zang Toi loves, with dazzling colors of red, white, and blue on stunning pieces which make America a great country always.

As Daniel plus Lauren spoke very briefly with Zang Toi himself, yours truly simply asked where’d the inspiration for such a beautiful collection come from, Zang beautifully answered it’s because he loves this country very much, and Zang wanted to express his utmost love for America in such a beautiful collection he created, while paying a great deal of gratitude for the opportunity that America has given him, which Zang Toi calls home.

In being a witness to this America collection, while experiencing the gorgeous strapless evening gowns coming gracefully in the color navy with statement jewelry that begins as a diamond choker that drapes in 3 extended parts across the chest, one can’t help but to think the night of Inauguration as the newly elected President with the new First Lady by his side attending an array of balls to greet all important congressmen, and celebrity supporters too.

When you think Washington, D.C., you think The White House, the National Monument, and Capitol Hill, those landmarks of our nation’s capitol are symbolized beautifully on Zang Toi’s two sets of off-white pieces starting with a long light egg-shell jacket over a translucent long turtleneck with rope tassels across the upper body that pairs with white trousers, the next being a similar look, but with a thicker top almost looking like a button down, but having very wide and thick bell sleeves at the helm.

There are very important roles here in Washington, D.C., like the House Of Representatives, the Senate, Speaker Of The House, Press Secretary, Secretary Of State, Attorney General, Head Of State, and Madame Secretary, Zang Toi’s bright patriotic red long sleeve long dress boldly with black tights represents the greatest power our country has when it comes to not only making a remarkable fashion statement, but making life-changing decisions at a moment’s notice which affects billions here and around the world.

With every congressional member or the President Of The United States especially comes those lobbyists, campaign fundraisers, campaign supporters, conservative or liberal elite who either are for or against the President, those movers and shakers carry themselves in nothing less that elegance, because they’re very powerful people, so Zang Toi salutes the Ann Coulters of the world you may see on C-SPAN with a stunning power suit black all the way down, carrying a look of a long navy jacket, navy long light top, and navy slacks, making a statement that our country is great, and nothing will get in the way of the agenda one wants to achieve.

There’s a whole world of adversity around us, we get knocked down, but it’s up to us to get back up even stronger, that tenacious drive is the only way we can overcome challenges in our lives, and be given great things after the job is done, it’s what America is all about, celebrating the red, white, and blue in the proudest way possible, it’s what Zang Toi’s beautifully created in this dazzling collection that keep our nation strong against the enemies that want to destroy it, the will to keep fighting day in and day out.

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