Kristin Cavallari returns for season 2 with ‘Very Cavallari’

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Drama, Llama, Llama

It’s a great time to be Kristin Cavallari right now as Kristin returned with season 2 of “Very Cavallari” Sunday night on E!, it’s a time to briefly catch up on what’s been happening since season 1 went off late last August, which has been moving out to the country acquiring roosters and llamas, plus Uncommon James growing to enormous capacity where it’s tough to keep up with demand with products, Kristin could not be more ecstatic about Uncommon James’s success, but drama keeps brewing with the obstacles and apathy that Sharon brings.

Unfortunately, Kristin dealing with Shannon didn’t end too well, as Kristin met up with Shannon at the offices of Uncommon James, where the end result was confrontation between Kristin and Shannon, leading Shannon to ultimately be fired, which Shannon completely had no problem with, and who couldn’t walk out fast enough, but it did send a message to those remaining Uncommon James staffers that they can be replaced too if they’re not doing their job.

But aside from terminations, Kristin and husband, Jay Cutler, are doing their very best to try and find Kristin’s best friend, Kelly, something of a perfect man that Kelly can be satisfied with, which hopefully leads to someone special, and maybe an engagement, marriage, and a family at the end of the outcome.

For the moment, there’s one shining moment with Uncommon James employees, Brittany and Sharon are doing their very best, so the question now is whether they can keep up with the growing popularity of Uncommon James.

Daniel Quintanilla

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