Lauren Conrad reveals spring hair styles for any length

Courtesy: Barefoot Blonde

What Does Warm Look Like?

There’s definitely a contrast to where Daniel plus Lauren feels spring coming up here in New York to where hair stylist, Amber Fillerup Clark feels spring out in Arizona who’s warmed up already, spring is coming on March 20 either way where it’s time to bloom out the latest spring styles in your wardrobe from head to toe, and we’re definitely ahead with the head part as far as hair is concerned, it’s also a fact that you can change up your hair style not only every couple years or every time a celebrity like Taylor Swift spawns and inspires it like back in 2014 with “Shake It Off”, but it can be changed at the start of a new season like spring, that’s why Amber’s here today to help Lauren Conrad and gang out with spring hair styles no matter how far down your hair reaches.

Amber, who happily heads Barefoot Blonde and Barefoot Blonde Hair starts out this March to spring hair with the short length, Amber says that people are going for the blunt cuts, so Amber recommends a textured bob reaching for the chin or right to your shoulders as you do your next trim short, it’s classy and adds lots of personality to any straight or curled hairstyle with waves to partner the curls.

As a new bundle of joy comes into your life, hair priorities take a certified backseat to raising a newborn once after giving birth, but it doesn’t mean the hair totally suffers, it’s best to keep a medium length hairstyle as the undone look is done without being completely undone.

There’s no way around it, long hair grants you unlimited style possibilities where one can go where no one has gone before, so give the scrunchie a chance as Amber stresses that there’s many colors and patterns of scrunchies out there to complement the luscious long hair.

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