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Seek & You Shall Find

Whether we expect it or not, we come across things that just may surprise us for all the right, wrong, good, bad, beautiful, ugly, strange, and unique reasons, the way we react to those things we don’t expect says a lot about about us, telling you what your best you is, and where you need improvement, it also comes down to our urgency, doing whatever we can to resolve a situation in the most sane and gut-wrenching way possible, and we hope to be back on track quickly, so today is a good day for Lauren Conrad and The Edit to provide cute and the unexpected.

We know it’s getting warmer outside, you also know that wedding season is just around the corner, and all the fears and excitement about it come to rise, but Lauren today conquered one task being the engagement ring, where James Allen gives you the opportunity of designing your engagement ring according to how beautiful you want it to look on your soft hands.

Donuts share a common thread with gorgeous men and women, we only look, but we can never touch, though sometimes we give in to our inner desires and eat the donut anyway, Lauren gives more reason today with Simple Vanilla Buttermilk Baked Donutsvia Salted Mint that make the donut pretty too with florals, but it takes a bit of sting out of the temptation knowing the donuts can be homemade.

Girl Code carries a sacred weight and trust among girlfriends, where you must protect and go all out for your near and dear BFF’s, now girl code can be more empowering and engaging for girls who are entrepreneurs in fashion as Lauren explores The New Girl Code by Niki Smit as it’s an inspiration for the next generation.

Finally, Lauren finds a way to simplify your skincare routine, thanks to How to Marie Kondo Your Skincare Routine, by Skin Type via Byrdie Beauty who changing the day we tidy up our skin, and ourselves.

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