Kristin Cavallari sends Jay Cutler to oversee Uncommon James on ‘Very Cavallari’

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Where Does The Problem Lie????

Lately, despite the success that Kristin Cavallari’s had with Uncommon James, the obvious problem of shipments (10 to be exact) being delivered with nothing in them are something not to sneeze about, it can be an unforgiving situation on your brand, leaving a response where those customers respond with their feet and don’t look back, Kristin was determined to get to the bottom of it Sunday night on “Very Cavallari” by sending in husband, Jay Cutler, to see what and where the causes are in this shipping issue, and what’s needed to be done to solve this embarrassment.

It seems that Jay discovers that Brittany, who is the best worker Uncommon James has on their payroll, is very overworked with non-stop shipments, so Jay recommends that Brittany does not handle all shipments being exported out to costumers, a simple thing would be delegating the shipments to other workers so Brittany does not encounter the brunt of it.

Aside from shipping problems causing all the Uncommon James drama, other drama exist as Kristin talks with a former UJ employer who’s name is Kaylee, who says she was fired from UJ because Human Resources says that they were receiving a lot of complaints from employees about Kaylee’s actions, and that they could not tell Kaylee where the complaints were coming from, so Kristin goes of her way to rehire Kaylee after being dismayed but HR’s decision to fire Kaylee, but other Uncommon James employees are very upset that Kaylee is back, and do not have good things to say about Kaylee.

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