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It’s A Happy Day Everyday

There’s certainly a lot these days to be smiling about, like a steady stream of warm days so far this week, it’s the first full month of spring, and Lauren Conrad announced on Tuesday that she’s having a baby again, making it her second child, so it’s a great time for Lauren and her team to celebrate the inspiration that April brings with the exception of tax day on the horizon, it’s what drives The Edit to find such wonderful things today that make April so worth while, and happily looking forward to the warm months ahead.

The once again mother-to-be Lauren kicks things off having a new love for sage green, where it can be found on newly remodeled kitchens and bathrooms, Lauren’s specific sage green love is down to earth and in the bathroom thanks to Jack & Jill Bathroom Tour via Sarah Sherman Samuel.

As a mom, and a business mogul, Lauren keeps her home attire pretty simple, especially if another life is on the way, it all comes down to staying in weekend wear, or even your pajamas when that’s the best choice all day long, so Life is Better in Pajamas via Alja Horvat Illustrations says it all.

Lauren certainly has friends in high places, Gary Malin is certainly one of them who’s a longtime friend of Lauren’s, but there was no need to go to the mile high club for Gray Malin’s Orange County & Laguna Beach Collection where Lauren rode along with Gary up on a helicopter to get his latest portrait.

If you’ve just gotten to some spring cleaning on your list, perhaps you could find yourself in the kitchen where you need to organize space, so let Anthropologie Lilah Pot help your kitchen look more attractive in its off-white beautiful color, and find a little joy in your workout attire as you come across the super soft and high waisted Joy Lab Everyday High-Waisted Leggings.

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