Kristin Cavallari reveals marital problems on ‘Very Cavallari’

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A Real Start

It’s not always easy to survive a marriage, let alone maintain it, there’s ups and downs along the way, plus you have to give, take, and compromise in order for man and woman to be happy even living together, then there’s excepting habits of one another if one can’t change right away, it takes work overall to make a marriage work, Kristin Cavallari in so many words Sunday night on “Very Cavallari” on E! was no stranger to admitting that she and husband, Jay Cutler, have ups and downs.

Things got a little hairy at dinner with their friends as Kristin wasn’t shy to admit that she and Jay have their marital problems, saying there’s no such thing as a perfect marriage, it may seem all perfect on the outside, but there’s problems to be tackled on the inside, Jay looks like he’s not having a good time and walks out, but Jay then uses his football experience and fakes back to the table, Kristin too admits she doesn’t always invite her limas (Jay) everywhere, but the limas seems to always tag along.

Kristin’s friend, Kelly, doesn’t have it easy either as Kelly continues her search to find a man, but now has the burden of time barreling down on her as far as her eggs are concerned, so Kelly confides in one of her other friends aside from Kristin that she’s considering freezing her eggs so when she does meet Mr. Right, Kelly’s eggs will be ready to go when she finally has children, Kelly’s also doubtful of asking anyone who hasn’t dated in a long time for dating advice, especially those who use to date never worked with dating apps.

Love is not the only conflict “Very Cavallari” had on tap, Uncommon James has its problems too since shipping has become an increasing problem at the worst possible time being Cyber Monday, so Brittany is uncomfortable with Matt and his “I Don’t Know” answers about issues that come up, Matt desperately tries to play the “I’m the only male worker here” card as a reason for always being called out, but Brittany is baffled that Matt’s even trying it.

But at least there’s one problem that Kristin, Jay, Kelly, Brittany, Uncommon James, and even the Kardashians cannot solve or go up against, it’s the premiere of the final episodes of “Game Of Thrones” returning next week on HBO, so E!’s taking the entire night off, and all new episodes of both “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and “Very Cavallari” will return Sunday, April 21st, as Kristin and Jay spices things up.

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