Lauren Conrad springs out the LC Lauren Conrad of April

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Bloom Like The Cherry Blossoms

In all the 10 years that yours truly, who is Daniel plus Lauren (Daniel Quintanilla) has not only been writing, but had encountered the beautiful cherry blossoms along the Potomac River in our nation’s capitol and areas of Virginia, never have they ever exploited the goodness of the cherry blossoms, they always passed by them annoyed by the throngs of tourists that crowd the quadrant of DC causing all kind of traffic, and making it impossible as recent as yesterday just to travel out of Washington, D.C. to go to New York City because all forms of transportation were booked as if it were the day before Thanksgiving, but Lauren Conrad and get forged ahead anyway today with a new April collection from LC Kohl’s itself.

Now aside from the side effects of cherry blossoms, LC Lauren Conrad makes April about eyelet fabrics, lightweight tees, and bright whites to go along with a collection channeling easy basics like ruffled blouses and button-down shirts with a twist, it all starts with a salute to white coming in ruffle trim tank that celebrates mixing things up along with feel good mid-rise skinny jeans.

The feel good mid-rise skinny jeans grace Lauren once again coming in their traditional dark blue wash as they’re paired with knot-hem button-down shirt and tiramisu high heel sandals, then the feel good mid-rise skinny jeans walk on Lauren again in a light blue wash with a beige graphic tee going “Oopsie Daisy”.

Daniel Quintanilla


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