Lauren Conrad attends LC Lauren Conrad spring event

Courtesy: Jennifer Graylock/ Getty Images for Kohl’s

The Spring Of Things

While it wasn’t the warmest days of spring up here in New York City on Thursday like the first two or three days this week, Getty Images reports that in spite of a spring chill, Lauren Conrad forged ahead with an event celebrating the official launch of the LC Lauren Conrad spring collection over at Kohl’s headquarters where Lauren showed off all the lemonade yellow one could ever want in their lives along with big bold prints of floral in all kinds of solids and mixed colors as one.

Lauren knew that the only way to say it’s spring with LC Lauren Conrad is flaunt it, Lauren wore herself a yellow dress that accompanied the white horizontal lines the dress decorated itself with, as well as a mini blue denim blazer with nude colored high heel sandals, Kohl’s officials also were on hand talking with Lauren about the latest LC Kohl’s that’s in stores now, pieces not to forget in this edition are the dress that’s set on black canvas with huge prints of love-me-love-me-not daisies, and handbags of citrus and watermelon shapes make this season hard to miss.

It’s hard to buy an LC Lauren Conrad dress, top, or bottom without buying an LC Lauren Conrad accessory of solid color handbags also that fit right into spring that go with the many yellow items, denim options, and even black pieces of tiny floral designs one can shop for with Lauren Conrad.

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