Kristin Cavallari talks Jay cleaning her ducts on ‘Very Cavallari’

Courtesy: E! Entertainment YouTube Channel

Anything For My Woman

We go above and beyond the call of duty for the man, or woman we love, sometimes it’s pretty, other times not so glamorous, but there’s got to be a middle ground somewhere as man and wife both enjoy the pleasure and the pain to please one another, so in this look Thursday of what’s ahead on “Very Cavallari” on E!, Kristin Cavallari expresses how deep Jay will go to make Kristin happy.

Kristin talks how Jay cleans her ducts, and how good Jay is at doing it, Jay says he goes way deep to make Kristin’s ducts clean, it’s bound to surprise everyone as the two talk about it over dinner with friends, but even duct cleaning’s not enough to eliminate conflicts and hardships Kristin and Jay are said to be going through, Kristin feels Jay doesn’t make the same amount of sacrifices as Kristin’s done for their marriage.

Drama still continues to unfold at Uncommon James as Reagan wants to throw Brittany under the bus for whatever reason, but Kristin assures her staff that she’ll fire Reagan so fast before that even happens, Kristin’s friend, Kelly, could finally see a man propose to her, but Kelly still definitely wants to freeze her eggs anyway, only to discover that she could have some type of cyst.

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