Kristin Cavallari takes to New York City for Uncommon James campaign

Courtesy: Kristin Cavallari Instagram

Bite Into The Apple

Just like Daniel plus Lauren takes to the big apple that is New York City now more than ever and today as well, Kristin Cavallari did exactly the same today and yesterday as Kristin announced in the safe haven that is Kristin’s Instagram that she’s paying a visit to the greatest city in the world for her Uncommon James fall 2019 campaign, getting all geared up for the fall buying season in the world of fashion, baby, and lifestyle which make up Uncommon James as one.

As Kristin touted Uncommon James, Kristin took a me time moment just for Kristin alone to give Uncommon James a nice little promotional push, it was directly from the balcony from what could be her suite at The Williamsburg Hotel to look over the iconic skyline near and dear to our hearts that is all of the island of Manhattan in all its glory while sporting a pair of traditional blue jeans while posing her beautiful back against the camera with nothing but her semi-topless body, and that luscious blonde her that’s one of the key factors that’s made Kristin Cavallari famous since her days in “Laguna Beach”.

Courtesy: Kristin Cavallari Instagram

Though Kristin’s Uncommon James store originates out of Nashville, Tennessee, Kristin takes care of business for the brand in places like Los Angeles, California, as well as New York City where a good part of Kristin’s business dealings are conducted.

As Kristin found herself in New York City yesterday also, yours truly being Daniel plus Lauren got themselves thinking thanks to follower feedback that Kristin could have a temporary pop-up store coming to the big apple, just like in Los Angeles late last year.

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