Kristin Cavallari previews her gig on ‘Paradise Hotel’

Courtesy: FOX YouTube Channel

Let’s Play A Little Game

The docket of Kristin Cavallari has grown apparently bigger nowadays since Uncommon James has seen enormous success, and Very Cavallari” on E! in its second season continues to create buzz on and off the screen, so now Kristin has added hosting to her portfolio as E! News on Tuesday revealed the first promo for “Paradise Hotel” on FOX, which premieres Thursday, May 9th at 9 p.m. EDT/ 8 p.m. CDT, and which Kristin is hosting all the way.

In a lovely blue dress, Kristin excitingly announces she’s hosting the return of “Paradise Hotel”, where the rules of the game are very simple, hook up with somebody, do whatever you can to jump into bed with that guy or girl.

Do whatever, being go through whatever cutthroat means possible to get with that other one, push and shove that other girl out of the way, make up lies, arouse the guy, make sure you get satisfied at the end of it, whether it’s being pleased sexually, or walking away with a hefty cash payout.

But if you fail to hook up with that guy or girl in each challenge ascended upon you, then it’s one thing for you and one thing only, you’re eliminated, sent home, or sent checking out.

If the excitement of trying to hook up with that guy or girl without being sent to check out one night a week isn’t enough for you, then you got 3 nights a week for “Paradise Hotel” to pleasure you, and no reservations are needed.

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