Lauren Conrad reveals the unexpected perks of motherhood


The Happy Mama

Where there’s babies, there’s a mom for those bundles of joy which require an enormous amount of time, and a euphoric amount of energy to make sure the baby is raised and brought up the best way possible by the time a child turns 6-years-old, in all those moments of exhaustion and weeping, there’s moments of happiness, and it comes in developing talents and crafts you never knew you’d be good at, these are motherhood perks that Lauren Conrad with Leslie Bruce lay out on the table today which gives us moments where we may be reliving our very own childhood.

As Leslie Bruce gets Unpacified about the perks of motherhood, Leslie begins with rewatching your favorite childhood movies with your newborn, mastering the art of multitasking as you jungle fire and chainsaws perfectly on a 24 hour basis, the baby is the ultimate scapegoat to any mishap that happens like spilling milk, you get to eat goldfish, chicken nuggets, and string cheese again, and having children around makes you want to skip pumpkin patches and put up Christmas trees.

There’s even more perks revealed by Leslie, it immediately makes you a better human being by not cursing or breaking bad habits (if you’re girlfriend hasn’t made you do that already, or you’re just copying what you see on TV when sitcoms lose their luster), you can break social commitments without guilt by saying the baby sitter cancelled or baby’s sick, you learn to prioritize in your mastery of multitasking, happy hour starts early since mom now goes to bed early, and motherhood makes you stronger.

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