Lauren Conrad’s first ‘Asking For A Friend’ podcast addresses the realness of motherhood

Courtesy: Cadence 13

Mommy Gets Real

Lauren Conrad achieved a special milestone in her business/ celebrity career on Wednesday, Lauren debuted the first episode of her new podcast that is “Asking For A Friend” with Cadence 13 where Lauren’s first guest was Leslie Bruce, who has a very candid conversation with Lauren about motherhood, not only revealing the pleasantries, but unleashing not what you call the downfalls, but the difficult moments that motherhood brings.

Leslie Bruce, who’s a bestselling author writing books about motherhood, along with her recent book, “Unpacified”, strongly stresses that moms need all the care they can get, mothers not only need to care about themselves so they can be better mothers, but new moms need to call in their troops of friends and family to help then out so the mom taking care of the newborn doesn’t go stir-crazy, it’s important to have friends and family very close to you instead of just states away so moms, and even dads are not left to take care of their newborn on their own, like the world unfortunately stresses in recent years.

Along with Leslie delivering valuable mom advice, Lauren Conrad very surprisingly delivers an excellent podcast where it reminds you dead-on of a talk radio show you may still listen to, that’s if you still happen to find yourself listening to the radio.

With aggressive promotion and a continuing intrigue of real issues, this podcast that Lauren Conrad has can be a tremendous success.

Daniel Quintanilla

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