Lauren Conrad shows off beautiful engagement rings


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A lot can be said about the pre-game of any big moment in your life you’re preparing for, there’s a lot of stress, details, and buildup toward the actual event itself, so you want to make the journey to walking down the aisle for example as smooth as possible, it starts with the engagement ring, where picking out the right stone, size, and color are very important, it lets your fiancé know what matters to you, and tests your fiancé’s care for your wants and needs, so Lauren Conrad and her team step back into the morning light today with help from on the engagement rings that were right for Team LC.

With offering you the option of creating the perfect engagement ring that’s right for you, we start with Rachel Rosenbloom starts off by describing her personal style being classic with a hint of modern, going through many options before landing on the halo meets solitaire setting accompanied by a conflict-free diamond.

Ilana Saul comes next by releasing the notion she once has that an engagement ring was one size fits all, where Ilana found herself landing on a beautiful pear-shaped engagement ring that Ilana got to design from top to bottom.

And Tessa Scott feeds into her love and lust for anything jewelry by designing an engagement ring that fits into her everyday rotation of gorgeous that could be vintage or rose gold, so Tessa created a bezel and pave set that’s a precious metal paired with a classic cut diamond.

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