Kristin Cavallari squashes Uncommon James drama on ‘Very Cavallari’

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Oh, My Eggs Are Dying

Everyday, we do our best to fight off drama by respecting other people’s wishes, adjusting our behavior to make the ones we’re in love with love us just a little bit more, or make a minor adjustment at work, or at home with family and friends to keep the peace and make our bosses more confident about us, but then comes a time where even you’re best efforts may not be enough, and one little thing you didn’t even realize explodes the tension into an oblivion, that’s what Kristin Cavallari had to deal with Sunday night on the season finale of “Very Cavallari” on E! when Kristin was made aware of the drama between Brittany and Reagan over at Uncommon James.

Brittany, who’s Kristin’s right hand lady at Uncommon James, made Kristin aware of the situation Brittany has with Reagan, Kristin says she just had a huge conversation with her staff about the culture at work, so Kristin sits down with Brittany and Reagan to try and put a lid on the drama that Reagan created by telling other UJ staff that Brittany can’t be trusted, though Reagan does admit that she could’ve handled the situation of what Reagan sees as growing apart a lot differently.

Kristin was also there for her BFF, Kelly, who went to go see about freezing her eggs, only to discover that with the ultrasound Kelly had done at the clinic, Kelly only had 2 fertility eggs instead of the normal 4 to 6 which doctors would like to see, Kelly was visibly upset about her situation, leading her to tears with Kristin by her side.

And aside from work drama, Brittany does not want her boyfriend, Jon, bringing up marriage because it puts Brittany in an uncomfortable position, and Jon had no choice but to put the ring he had for Brittany away, Brittany admits to the producers she’s choosing work over marriage.

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