Lauren Conrad reveals May 2019 LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Now, Start Counting….

So far, we’ve had some fantastic days here this spring, some have been hot, some have been cold, but it doesn’t quite feel like summer, and the only reason for that is because it’s not summer, so now it’s time to countdown to the day that summer officially arrives, while experiencing the longest day of the year with the summer solstice, get ready for sweltering days on the beachfront, rooftop parties, and backyard barbecues in such fashion as Lauren Conrad unveils today a new set of pieces this month from the LC Lauren Conrad collection.

To start off LC Lauren Conrad’s spring into simmer, Lauren first has a sleeveless pleated top with a round crossbody bag and cuffed mid-rise skinny jeans with the top coming up in white canvas with blue floral print, and all white skinny jeans with the wicker-like crossbody on the side.

Kicking off a big season like summer’s all about delivering a little bit of shock and awe at the very top, giving off a slight perception of what the rest of season could be like, Lauren goes dark and solid with a floral kimono on a black canvas that have off-white florals layered top to bottom, and is perfect to wear over a solid black dress or a swimsuit.

If you’re taking a stroll on the boardwalk or in the park, then go about it lightly in a vertical stripes of pastel colors with a souvenir shirt, a white skirt, and rounded sunglasses.

And for those days and nights of rooftop parties and backyard barbecues, Lauren recommends partying in a smocked dress, tassel half-moon tote, and walnut high heels as good times come about.

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