Kristin Cavallari prefers hosting over competing

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Stay Outside The Peanut Gallery

If you’ve ever competed on a reality show, or at least watched one, you know you have to begrudgingly watch all season long, and live through the agonizing weeks of seeing contestants getting eliminated, now imagine the contestants themselves going through the pressure day in and day out of whether or not they’ll survive another week, but Kristin chooses hosting instead as she told HollywoodLife today since she’s host of “Paradise Hotel” on FOX, which is on 3 nights a week.

Kristin feels incredibly lucky to be the host of “Paradise Hotel”, not only to stay out of the rat race, but to stay away from the stress of being a contestant with all the drama that it carries, the constant pursuit of hooking up with one to stay in the game, and the chase for the mighty dollar so one can be victorious at the end of the competition.

At least for Kristin, if she was not a host, she’d be the one at home rooting for one contestant or two while engaging about it on social media, and having fun in the process.

But as a host, the final deal maker for Kristin was that her kids join in on the adventure so she can spend as much time with them as possible, so Kristin’s been granted a happy medium as a host, staying out of the drama, and continuing to be a mom to her children, and being a wife to husband, Jay Cutler.

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